sony str-da1200es "protector" fault

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by pez6660, May 7, 2007.

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    New to the forum, so let me tax you straight away.

    I have a simular problem to the thread today regarding the Denon amp switching goes.

    A month and a half a go I purchased a Sony str-da1200es receiver/av.Been running fine and dandy,then two days a go it has started to flash up the "protector" sign and turn off into stand by.

    Mine seems to be a power/volume problem.

    My speakers are quite old..... a set of rear acoutic solutions 80w long term and 160 watt short term handling,a set of ancient(but still good) Spendor sp2 power handling 80w max.

    Centre speaker,Kenwood 60w

    I thought at first it might be the imbalance of the speakers with the Sony out putting 100w per channel,but why they had the whole thing worked well for nearly two month?

    All cables are fine,well ventillated and of good quality (qed silver anniversay).

    It happens if I run the amp in 2 channel or full surround.The unit will play constantly if played at low volumes,but a soon as I crank it up(also depends on sorce) off it goes.

    So is it the speakers,a faulty dry joint in the unit,or a combo of both.I certainly think it might be the unit to start with.

    I am in the midst of getting a Sony egineer around.

    Sorry long winded,any help appricated.



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