Sony STR-DA 3200 ES to Onkyo TX-SR605E?


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Sep 19, 2002
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Do you think this would be a worthwhile upgrade? I have the Sony 3200es and was thinking of changing to the the Onkyo Sr605e...would it be worth my while?

I have a good few Blu-Ray movies....would i notice any improvement?

Thanks for any replies!
What are you using as a source for bluray? You should be able to get multichannel LPCM over HDMI (HD audio) using the player as the decoder. Obviously it can accept LPCM over analogue too. The 3200ES is obviously part of Sony's ES line up which is step up from the other models. It has more power (7x120w) than the Onkyos. I would have thought it would be a better amp than the Onkyo but I haven't heard them. Are you unhappy with the amp or are you just after some features e.g. HD audio decoding?
Dont be fooled by the Onkyos features , it will be considerably worse sounding than your current amp , Ive been there.

Play safe , listen before you buy , I'm convinced you wont after hearing it.
Yes they are also dog ugly to boot, i would think the sony will trounce it for sound quality. Hd audio via LPCM would be the best route, keep your sony 3200.

Thanks for the replies.

I am using my PS3 for blu-Ray and can get HD audio through the HDMI, i was just wondering if i was missing out on anything.


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