sony str 930 loosing signal

Recently something strange has been happening while using my amp.
It doesn't matter whether I've got a dvd/video/Ps2 or even TV through the amp every so often I get a message up on the amp saying
"weak signal"
and it turns itself to the tuner. This happens for about 5 seconds and then it switches itself back to whatever mode I had the amp on previously.
All the connections are snuggly in the back.

anyone any ideas


Sounds like you've changed a setting for you're tuner section. There's a facility called PTY (can't remember what it stands for off the top of my head) but it's part of the Radio Data System.
Firstly you have to select the 'Tuner' input on your amp, then press the PTY button. Then use the PTY '+' and '-' buttons (also labelled 'tuning') until the display says 'none'. This disables the PTY option. As you're scrolling through the list you'll notice words like 'News' and 'Rock' appear. if you select one of these the amp will switch to a station whenever one of these topics is, say, being discussed or played on a programme. What's happening with your amp is that it's picking up one of these 'triggers' and changing to the correct source and station. The 'weak signal' simply means that the station which is being selected has a weak signal.
Hope that helps.


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yeah, but monkeyboy says he can be using dvd or tv or just about any other input...



The whole point of RDS is it will interrupt whatever else is going on to play what you have selected.

This is the same as a car stereo that will interrupt a CD playing to give you traffic news.

thanks guys I'll give the RDS thing a bash, better get the handbook out then.

Come to think of it I was messing about with it the other week so I may have accidently hit something

cheers to all who helped

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