Sony str 810 or Yamaha rx-v1067?


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Firstly, I appreciate these are not new bits of kit.

I currently have a Sony str-810 in my summerhouse, which I mainly use for dj, gaming and occasional movies.

It's powering a pair of floorstanding q acoustics as fronts, Celestion 5 speaker surround using the centre, surround Rears and 2 Fronts as high level Fronts (which work well for the dj setup) and a tannoy sub. For my dj'ing, I have the amp set to play out of all speakers equally in a multi-stereo type affair. For games and movies it does its own auto surround to suit (dts, dolby, whatever).

It's only a small room (about 2.5m Square!) and so it sounds bloody good.

However, I've got an opportunity to have a yamaha rx-v1067 for free.

So my questions are:

1) will I be able to run the yamaha in the same setup?

2) seem to recall having read/ heard that this particular amp doesn't seem to be as loud as the figures suggest? So am I likely to notice any real difference in sound?

3) it doesn't have an auto calibration mic with it, but are they all the same, as I have one from my pioneer amp and also the current Sony str810?

4) the yamaha is a bit bigger than the Sony, so it will have slightly less breathing space in the cabinet. The sony currently has about 40mm or so each side, and about 80-100mm clearance above it, and doesn't seem to have any issues.

I'm just undecided if it's worth the trouble swapping it over.

Thanks in advance.
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