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Sony STR-485E + Subwoofer help


Standard Member
Hi everyone

I recently bought a Sony STR-485E amp which i love to bits

First of all i connected two front speakers and left it running them for a few days and was happy

Then, as if by fate, i came across a Gale Series 40 centre speaker and Series 40 Active Subwoofer in a shop and they had a deal on them

Got them home and THEN realised that maybe getting an active sub as opposed to a passive one was a mistake but in all the Sony STR-485E literature, it says "Active Sub" but with no more info

Do i have the correct type of subwoofer? If so, am I to assume I can just get a cable to split the signal from the amp into the Red and White connectors of the sub?

Many thanks


Distinguished Member
Yes you've got the right sub mate :smashin:
You can most likely just use a single phono lead to either the left or the right connection :smashin:

Any old cable will do just to try it.


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Thats great news, thank you!!

I have one connector in the Amp and two on the sub

I have a 2 to 1 Y splitter coming but if i wanted to test with a normal 2 to 2 phono cable, would i use the red or white connector on the amp?


Distinguished Member
If you have one connector one the amp, you can usually use either on the sub, as it's mono.
But left seems to be the most often recommended.

Try either or both, it won't do any harm.

Obviously, if you're plugging the white end in the amp, the other white end goes to the sub. Same if you're using the red.

(Trust me, there is a reason for me saying that. It's blindingly obvious I know, but...don't ask).

You can use your splitter if you want and it will make your sub sound louder at any given volume setting. But it won't make the sub any louder ultimately.

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