Sony STB1070 Configuration help!!

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by maujla, Feb 19, 2002.

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    Hi - I need some serious help ....

    Basically I have the following equipment; the STB1070, PS2, Sony FX60 TV, Sony 900 video, Sony DVPNS900VS DVD player and a Pace Digibox.

    I want to plug these into the AMP, so that I can use the AMP as a switch for the audio and video. I have been told I can do this. What I attempted was this. I connected the PS2 using the standard 3 cables, R,W and Y to the AMP. Then I used a SCART to svideo for the video, SAT and DVD player to the AMP. Finally a svideo to SCART from the AMP to the TV. Remembering to plug it into the slot on the TV that likes svideo.

    But I am not getting any picture. I can bring up the on-screen options from the AMP. I can also get the sound from the DVD as there is an optical cable for that.

    I have been told that I need to use the video i/o instead. As the video and sat will only transmit these signals, as does the PS2 and the amp will not send out svideo from video inputs? Is this correct. The man at the sony service centre said that this wasn't the case though.

    I guess I'm a little disappointed that if I go down the road of using video, I won't be able to use the svideo output from the dvd player.

    What is my best option(s), all help is greatly appreciated, I have spent lots of money on this and it's heartbreaking not having it working properly. Waiting in hope for good information...

    Jinder :confused:
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    I think that you are using the wrong video outputs. Unless you have an s-vhs video it won't output s-video and most digiboxes won't either which is why there is no picture.

    Most tv's have to be manually switched from composite to s-video through the picture setup or AV setup menus and if you switch the scart to s-video you should see pictures from the DVD player as long as you have also set that to output that type of signal.

    Much better to use RGB and not to bother routing through the amp (RGB won't anyway).

    DVD set to output RGB by scart into AV1
    Digibox set to RGB by scart into second scart socket on DVD
    Digibox second scart to VCR.
    VCR scart to composite scart on TV
    PS2 s-video to scart lead to TV

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