Sony SSH2500 with Fonestar AS-1515


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I have a chance to buy SONY SS-H2500 speakers for 25$. (Looks like a good deal to me) but any opinions on those, recommended ?

Anyway I would also need an amp.. and I am very rusty on all the specs, watts and ohms (I used to own a pair of oldschool PIONEERS and ONKYO TX-313 back in a day..). Good experience. Want to replicate in on a smaller scale.

So the speakers are rated 6ohm and are moderately small (shelf). I expected that they would require smallish amplifier, but 6ohm rattled me and I'm worried to fry the amp..

I found this option: Fonestar AS-1515

Would this amp match well with said speakers? or I need much more powerful amp? Any recommendations (on a budget) to go with these speakers?

Thank you for any insights, recommendations and help.


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Screenshot_20220326-095248_Samsung Internet.jpg

I dont think that cheap 15w amp will be much good tbh. Best spending that budget on something used from ebay or similar.

What's your max budget? Country?


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This is a good amp
Screenshot_20220326-100109_Samsung Internet.jpg


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Thank you for a response. I don't have set budget, but around 60-70euros. Country - Spain.

Basically, I have my mind set on the ever popular Edifier 1280T to use with a computer as a stereo system.
Then I got this offer for SONY SS-H2500 speakers, and that got me thinking if it's not a better option. I guess I like the idea of active speakers as it saves a lot of space. Of course having an amp and good ol' serious speakers appeals to me as well :)

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