Sony SS-W5S sub with a Yamaha RX-357?


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i am new to these forums, but here is my query.
I have a Yamaha RX-357 AMP (
which i am very happy with, and have been using it with the following set of sony speakers : Speaker Package (SA-SC8/RU3) ( SA SC8.html)
that i managed to get, but without the SUB or the AMP/DVD (they were part of a package, and they were missing from when i got it...):rolleyes:

i have been using the system with the LFE going via the front speaker channels, but i have been able to get a Sony sub that pretty much matches the kit i have already, it is the following model, Sony SS-WS5... (which is from a set, but missing the other speakers)
it's description is as follows....
Passive Subwoofer: The subwoofer features an upward-firing 6-3/8" cone woofer in a bass-reflex enclosure. The subwoofer is powered by 100 watts from the changer/receiver.
Speaker Wiring: Each length of supplied speaker wire has tinned wire on one end, and a color-coded proprietary plug on the other for easy hookup. purple (Subwoofer).

:confused: I thought it was going to be fairly straight forward to conenct up this sub, but now i am not so sure. the sub has a standard wire type connection as most speakers do, but the connection on my amp for the sub out is a round one which i think most subs use... is it possible to get a connection that links them, as i seem to see only leads the same at both end for conencting subs (like a phono plug type)

if it is any help, from searching on the net i know the sub is a "passive" sub, but the manual from yanaha mentions yamaha active sub, but i assume i can also use passive also, as active is just powered ... yes?
and ......

thanks in advance for any help!:hiya:




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Hi neosalad. welcome to avforums :wave:

It's quite simple really :)

Any speaker needs a signal with some power in it to actually get the cone moving.

Most full-range HiFi speakers are "passive". In other words, they need to be fed with an already-amplified signal to work. Most subwoofers are termed "active", i.e. they have a power supply / amplifier built in.

The Sony sub you have however is passive and therefore requires a normal amplified speaker connection - seperate positive and negative connections like your main speakers. This would have been provided by the Sony changer/receiver. However, your yamaha amp only outputs a line-level for the sub and not an amplified level. So you would need an amplifier to go in between the amplifier output and the subwoofer input to "boost" the signal power to get your subwoofer moving air :)


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Thanks for the speedy reply mate.

i had a feeling it wasnt going to work... :(
had got it from work, as it was going to be binend cos the set was incomplete (£10)... but i guess it's no good.. shame, as the sub would have matched the sony speakers i am using great... :rolleyes:

I dont really have room for another amp under the tv along with all the other machines i have there... i'll prob just wait a bit longer for an amp... the woman upstairs in the flat above prob hates me anyhow with the amp i think.... :rolleyes: but then again, i can hear her kids running about all day so..... :devil:



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