Sony Speakers connection change


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My sony DAV-S400 dvd player broke down but it does have speakers which still work. The problem is the connections on the speaker how can i connect them to something else another dvd player which has single phono / rca whatever u call them, connections as speakers for 1 bass and 5 speakers. The original connection on the speakers look like the picture attached.


can i simply just cut the fire attach a new one and it should work?.. it doesnt work like that with most headphones i've tried with will it work with this?


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I cant answer your question I'm afraid but if you're throwing out those speaker plugs can I please have them? My husband disconnected our connector plugs from the wall mounted speakers when we moved house and misplaced them and we can't find new ones anywhere.


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I have the same system, it works but is pretty defunct because i have blue ray and up scaling PVR... I love the speakers too. The satellites (5 of them) will be fine on most systems by cutting off the color coded plugs but the sub will be useless as it is powered by the system, and most AV amps only provide line out for the sub. My plan is to keep the speakers and replace the sub.


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Its the color coded connector plugs that you cut off that I need! Our speakers and our DVD work fine but the speakers aren't connected as we had to rewire them in our new house. Then when my hubby went looking for the coloured connectors to attach to the new wires he couldn't find them. He bought connectors in Maplins but they don't stay in properly.


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Hi - I also need these colour connectors. - I moved recently and managed to lose one of the speaker wires in the process. I too bought the closest socket to the Sony one from Maplins but it never stays in will always be loose. - If anyone knows where we can get these from I would really like to know. In the meantime I will continue to trawel the Internet looking.....if I find a place that has them, I will post here. Thanks

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