Sony Sony KV-32FX68 Geometry Problem


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Have had my Sony KV-32FX68 for about 2 months now and am really happy with it. I don't use it to output any sound, so can't comment on that, but the picture quality is fantastic.

Bought a copy of Finding Nemo, and watched it via my Pioneer-464 dvd player and 501 amp. All very good, with stunning colour reproduction.

Here's the problem- The dvd includes a THX setup test, which I thought I would try out. All the tests came back fine until it started to test what I presume you call the image geometry. One of the tests tries to display 2 rectangles, one inside the other. The outermost rectangle is out of range of the left side of the tube (as you look at it), the right side displays fine.

Anybody any ideas what could cause this and what I can do to get the geometry to the state it should be in.

Cheers for any advice.


If you think that everything was ok before THX test don't modify anything.
Else you can enter service mode and modify geometry parameters by using this following button sequence:

Turn the set on with the televisions on/off switch.
Turn the set off from the remote control.
Press the [I +] button.
Press the [5] button.
Press the [Vol +] button.
Press the [TV] button (under the red one)

Then press [Menu] and choose Geometry.
:lesson: Write down every settings before altering anything :lesson:
For more info about parameters ->Kv32 Tweak! (Deflection Menu)

To quit type 00 on remote on the first screen with TT--


PS: Have you light flickering with your dvd player via RGB ?


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In a word - yes.

When I first got the set I set it all up to run with RGB and my face fell a yard. I thought I had wasted 800 odd quid. It didn't happen on my Panasonic TX-32PS12, even though that set had to go back because it was truly awful.

I set the dvd player to output composite and I had a smile on my face once more!

I really can't fault the Sony apart from that, it is a wonderful picture.

Do you not think I will notice the difference if I tinker with the geometry settings? Oh yeah - I have never attempted anything like this before!


It seems it's a problem between Pioneer and Sony. There's other guy that have the problem too with other Sony and Pioneer models.

I suggest you tu use svideo via AV3 for better picture quality, which is almost as good as RGB, instead of composite. This is what I do with my 444.

Do you not think I will notice the difference if I tinker with the geometry settings? Oh yeah - I have never attempted anything like this before

You just have to be careful. Alter parameters step by step. It takes time because every parameters are linked to others.
You could probably solved your geometry problem by modifying "H-Positions". I'm not a TV engineer and my tv geometry is quite good now.


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I think I might leave well alone - at least until the warranty expires anyway.

I'll give the s-video over AV3 a try and see what it is like on my box.

Here's a question though, 501 related I guess.
If I connect the dvd straight into the TV then it picks up the AV channel when the source is turned on.
But I connect all of my kit (dvd, cable and PS2) into the amp and run a single scart to the TV. I have to manually select the AV channel, cos the TV defaults to Channel1 when it is turned on, and powering on the source does nothing.

A minor niggle I know, but if I could fix it I could more or less throw the tv remote away.

Any ideas anybody?


I,ve had three of these TV's from JL, and among other problems they had, they all displayed the same geometry probs you are describing. What seemed to be a satisfactory solution was to adjust the RGB centering untill the same amount of the rectangle is missing from both sides.
Under normal viewing do you really notice some of the picture is missing.

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