Sony Smearing ***FIXED***


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Hi All,
After months of research by myself and an ex-colleague who still works in the TV industry I can announce a fix for the fault which tends to be called vertical smearing. This fix is a simple adjustment in the service menu.
First some background. Sony insist that this is not a fault but a 'feature' of the chassis, those of us with one of these sets know its a feature we would rather not have. It took lots of hard work and calling in old favours by my friend to get hold of enough technical info from Sony (most of it from Spain and in Spanish) to figure out what the problem was. Sony insist that the fault is not fixable because nowhere in the UK adjustment guides supplied to workshops is there any adjustment for vertical colour displacement, however there IS in the factory set up information.
It would appear that the fault is due to a factory set-up error, the adjustment only exists because the chassis is European multi-standard and requires vertical colour adjustment to cope with different systems.
Now to the nitty-gritty.
I have applied this fix to my own 32FX66 and it is 100% cured, and boy does it improve things.
At this stage I do not know whether it will work for the FQ sets with smearing but in all probability it will.
What I would like are a couple of volunteers who are familiar with working in the service menu to test the fix for me. One with an FX set and one with an FQ.
Post a reply and I will PM you with instructions, you can then report back to me and if all is well I will post the fix for all.


well, I have FX66
I'm a technician
I know service menu very well
I didn't find any Y-del or another setting sounds good
in resolving this issue, that seems Digital Plus related

If you know something I don't, I'm here.
just tell me what

thank you so much



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It works on an FQ70 as well.

I had Sky Digital showing BBC News 24 with their 'active' logo showing in the top right-hand corner and the colour locked into the box when set to 0 from 1. Switching from 1 to 0 and back again showed the difference really well.....

Thanks Howie.


Thanks very much Howie - that makes the set perfect.


I can conform that it works on my 32FQ70. I never thought it would be possible. Thanks HowieC


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Great to hear it, the FX66 and FQ70 are basically the same set in a different case, but its good to have it confirmed.
Anyone out there with the same problem on a different sony model who wants to give it a try? PM me.

kirk grubb

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I have a 32ds60 (digital)
I would like to give it a try


Originally posted by HowieC
So far the fix has been successful on FX66 FQ70 & LS60 sets.
I'll be posting it for all soon.

it doesn't suffer of vertical smering problems as it has
a simple 100hz process instead digital plus of FX66/FQ70
it sound strange, why apply the fix if nothing must be fixed?

PUD the Ancient

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I would like to give it a try, i have an fq80.

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