sony shambles

just picked up the sony str db2000 and got it home to find lots of scratches down one side , instruction manual missing and worse of all , as soon as you turn the amp on , it display check code 11 and clicks off.
This may be a minor issue but without the maual I'm stuck.
It seems that this is a returned machined which has been sold out to me which I think under the circumstances is disgusting. Had it of been operational I may have forgiven them.
So I dont' know whether I'm allowed to on this forum but I think its only fair to name and shame the store.
So keep clear of {removed by lynx for the time being}
I sahll be returning it tomorrow and asking for a full refund and not a replacement.


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Since this is possibly a mistake of the genuine variety, you may be a little premature in shaming the company.If it develops into something then feel free to name as long as it's done within guidelines. :)
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