Sony sets sights on Samsung in Tablet market

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    Xperia Tablet S to lead the Charge

    Sony has said it won't be drawn into price war on tablet PCs as a host of cheap units hit the marketplace and is instead focussing its attentions on Samsung Electronics with its tablet out this month.

    Sony sales of its latest tablet in the US by the ends of the week with the 16Gb version retailing for $399 - exactly the same price charged by Samsung for its equivalent model .


    "We aren't considering competing on price in tablets," Kunimasa Suzuki, an executive vice president at Sony, said at a briefing in Tokyo.

    When Sony launched its first models in April last year, Suzuki at the time said Sony was aiming to overtake Samsung to become the leading Android tablet maker within a year.

    "It was important to set ourselves the target of becoming number one," said Suzuki.

    What chance of Sony overtaking Samsung?

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