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Sony service modes

Discussion in 'TVs' started by zoran, Mar 19, 2002.

  1. zoran


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    Couple of weeks ago I have bought a brand new Sony KP51 PS2 rear projection TV set. It is a wonderful beast, indeed. It has everything such a big wide screen TV should have: phenomenal resolution (thanks to DRCMF), natural colors and very bright screen with quite broad viewing angle (horizontally). Black level is also superb, so I have nothing to complain. But, I still miss something. This set (as all Sony models, for the matter of fact) has three picture modes (live, movie and personal). Only one of them can be customized (personal, of course). But, I need at least two (I would prefer even more) adjustable modes, so I could select different ones for different sources, for example. Other two picture modes (live and movie) are useless since Sony obviously thinks that we all like to see the world in too much color. Well, I do not. I like it to look as it does in reality. And those two modes definitively do not look like it. To my surprise, Sony has packed the instructional manual with some service modes operation, tables, etc. So I tried it and it works – but again – only for personal mode.
    Now, guys, is there anybody who has more experience with these Sony service modes. Is there some catch by which I could enter live and movie modes?

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