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    When I received my Sony KV-28FD1E three A1 sized schematic diagrams were inside the package along with the user manual.

    The electronic service mode can be entered by pressing two buttons at the same time while the TV is in standby. In my case the program buttons plus(+) & minus(-). The service mode has following menu's:

    - adjustment menu with 52 parameters
    - deflection control menu with 56 parameters
    - deflection sub-adjustment menu with 87 parameters

    I "only" had to center my 4:3 picture but it took me over one hour to find the parameter and adjusting by learning by doing. I always noted the parameter values so that I could set them back to "default" if I couldn't get what I wanted.

    It probably would be best for you to ask a very good technician. Don't touch a running system!

    Sony Service Mode
    Official Website of Anthony W. Haukap

    Sly Fox

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