Sony Service Menu key combination



Can someone please tell me the key combination to get into my service menu.

I have seen a previous thread that said it was 1 + 5 vol + [] (which is the telextext off switch) however it is not working.

The TV is an FX68.

Does anyone know what is +vol?

Tried all sorts of combo's but to not avail. If you know can you make it crystal clear to me. Many thanks guys/girls.


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The sequence is...

i+ (The key with that on it)
Volume+ (the volume increase button)
() (the teletext off button, with a picture of a blank screen on it)

You must start with the set in stand-by.


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A word of caution...if you don't know what your doing proceed with caution.Before altering any settings make a note of your current values,don't muck around in there without good cause.
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