Sony sells share in S-LCD plant


After 7 years of multi-million Pound losses, Sony has decided that it cannot make money out of televisions.
It had a "joint venture" with Samsung and they owned the S-LCD plant in Korea.
I went to see round this factory when it opened. I work for a car maker and the Chinese wanted a new version of the Passat.
What shocked me was that the plant is next door to a massive Samsung factory. All the workers are employed by Samsung and the logos on their overalls say Samsung.
Just what was Sony's input?
Some said it was intellectual property, but the components all seemed identical. One tv on the line would be a Sony, the next a Samsung, so I didn't see any evidence of specialisation.
It begs the question how Samsung went from nowhere to the biggest lcd manufacturer on the planet, whilst Sony cannot make consumer electronics anymore, so they retreated to film-making.
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