Sony/Samsung Compatibility Issues - PLEASE HELP


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I have recently bought a Samsung UE40C800 LED TV and the Sony BDP-S570 Bluray player. When I first connected, everything worked as it should and the picture was amazing. A couple of days later when I went to use the kit for a second time, I could not get the BD player to be recognised by the TV.

I have done a bit of searching on the internet and it seems to be a problem with the Anynet+/HDMI Control issues.

First I switched off the Anynet+ functionality on the Samsung TV. This changed my error message from "Check Cable Signal" to an error message telling me that nothing is connected to that particular HDMI slot. Obviously I tried it with all the others slots but with no joy.

Next, I plugged the BD player into my old Philips LCD so that I could access the setup menu. Here I disabled the "HDMI Control" setting, but this didn't change anything once I reconnected it to the Samsung TV.

I was just about to take the equipment back to the store thinking it must be faulty, when I was talking to a friend who has the same two pieces of kit and has experienced exactly the same problem, which has lead me to believe its either something more serious, or else I need to get the right settings on the pieces of kit.

Another thread on the internet mentioned a similar problem and was advised to buy a new HDMI cable. I am already using a brand new QED Reference cable so that should be reasonably up to date.

Any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated.
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