Sony SA VS200 Speaker kit


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I try never to buy speakers from a non-speaker company. Sony make very good video products and some decent audio products, but wouldn't purchase their speakers unless it's from their high-end SSM series.

Judging from the limited specs, I wouldn't buy these. Sony doesn't provide the frequency response. With only 6" drivers in the sub, I doubt it goes very low. Since their towers are slim without much internal volume, you won't get much bass help from them. An 84db efficiency is very low and the specs don't say if the 120W maximum is RMS or peak. Chances are if it doesn't say RMS it's peak which means it can handle the wattage, but for a very limited time. Many high-end speakers can run into the lower 86db-88db efficiency range, but have better drivers and power-handling capabilities.

You don't quote the price. But I'm certain that for a bit more you can find very good systems from PSB, Paradigm, etc... I put Sony above Bose for sound quality and manufacturing and more reasonably priced, but just above.


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Thanks very much for your quick and indepth reply. I can buy them for £60.00 new (previously they were over £200.)

I am after a 5.1 speaker set with 4 or 2 tall boy speakers. I was tempted with some of the all-in-one systems but after spending days lurking on this forum I now think otherwise.

Any suggestions?
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