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Sony s480 does not display full folder tree on USB


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I have a 500GB USB drive. When I attach it to my Sony S480 blu-ray player, some of the folders are skipped and only displays 16 out of 30 folders are displayed.

- It doesn't seem to be the player. I took the USB drive to a local currys and tried it on an S480i in the store and exactly the same thing happened.

- I don't think it's the files contained within the folders. I moved some files from an unreadable folder to a readable folder and they played okay.

- The folder name format doesn't seem to be the problem as the unreadable folders have the same characters as the readable folders.

I'm not sure what to try next. Does anyone have any clues as to what the problem might be please?
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I use mine with a hard drive, it displays all folders on the disk. Do your folder names contain any characters other than letters a-z and digits 0-9?


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Both my S480 and S580 read all files/folders on my 500GB HDD no problems, its formatted to NTFS.



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thank for the replies. thought it might be worth posting the solution:

GooN3r was on the right track. I called Sony Support a few days after posting here in the forum and they said to double check to see if the drive was FAT32. It wasn't, it was NFTS. WinXP wouldn't allow me to convert the drive to FAT32. It was a Seagate drive so I used the Seagate Disc Wizard to convetrt it: How do I format my 500G External hard drive to FAT... - Seagate Community Forums (It's pretty simple to do and only takes a couple of minutes to do.)

Once I converted it to FAT32 I could see everything!

Thanks everyone for your help.
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