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Hi -

I seem to be having major problems playing MKVs on the S370. When burnt to BD-R, a single MKV seems to show up on the DATA BD as multiple copies of the same MKV. The exact number of multiples (all with the same file name) seems to be be determined by the size of the file. Each multiple plays from the start - and obviously with no fast forward or chapter skip.

Now these multiples seem little more than an annoyance until it comes to watching the MKV. Then at the film will get to a certain point (40 minutes, 1 hour 10 minutes - just random amounts) and then skip straight back to the beginning. Obviously this is incredibly frustrating without being able to skip through to check if / when this will happen.

On repeat viewing of the same MKV it does exactly the same thing at exactly the same time for that MKV - so the 40 minutes skip to beginning always happens at the same time to one MKV, always 1 hour 10 for another, etc.

So, due to file size, it seems like the S370 is 'chopping up' the MKV it a smaller series of more manageable chunks and then because each of these multiples is named the same it can't move onto the next one, so effectively starts again from scratch.

A friend with the same player seems to have the same issue. Does anyone else? Is this a problem with the way the player handles MKVs or how they have been encoded?

Thanks in advance for any light you can shine on this.


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Hi -

So after much trial and error, I've finally worked out a solution.

For anyone else struggling with this, the issue was done to the format the BD-R was burnt with in Toast. If you burn as a Data Disc (Mac & PC), the S370 recognises the MKV, but then - presumably because it can only cope with FAT32 format, which limits you to 4gb - chops the file up into more manageable chunks.

However, if you burn the MKVs in Toast as DVD-ROM(UDF) the MKV stays in one piece and plays as it should. In addition, fast forward and chapter skip works properly.

Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this thread and give it some thought.

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