Sony S370 internet connection probs - help!!


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I've been using my BDP S370, connected to the internet using homeplugs, to access iplayer etc, quite happily for the last few months, however it's just stopped connecting to the internet for the last few days.

Trying to connect results in it failing, going to the network settings shows internet connection as "Failed" though it says the physical connection is ok. When running the network connection diagnostics it says "Gateway not responding".

I've tried the obvious stuff, resetting the homeplugs, turning everything on and off etc, to no avail. The homeplugs seem fine as they're flashing away as normal. Can't think of anything that's changed to make it stop working.

Anyone else had this problem? Anyone brighter than me got any ideas?
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Could be your Firewall or Internet security is blocking it, try turning it off to see if you can then connect :)


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Yeah, have tried turning the firewall off completely, no change. Tried resetting the homeplugs, no change. Definitely seems to be an issue with the player...


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I also seem to be having a problem for the last few days with one of my TWO S370's.

Both are hardwired to the same router, and one of them is fine -- never any network problems.

The other has had trouble for the last few days. Sometimes it says no physical connection, but more often it says the physical connection is fine but it can't see the router (or maybe the router is refusing to give it an IP address?).

The long ethernet cable seems to be fine -- I hooked up a laptop to test it.

I doubt that the router settings could be the problem, since the other S-370 never hiccups.

Any suggestions would be most welcome!
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