Sony RM-AV2100 and Dish Networks 811

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Control & Remote Controls' started by medic3, Sep 20, 2005.

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    I setup my Sony AV3000 to control my Home Theater system and was very pleased with it. I recently added the Dish Networks 811 Hi-Def receiver and I've hit a brick wall.

    The Sony doesn't have a code for the 811, the 811 doesn't have a code to control my Denon 2803 HT receiver, and the Denon learning remote doesn't have a code for the 811. So I'm stuck using two remotes! One to turn on the Dish Network system, and the other (Sony AV3000) to turn on all the other components.

    I tried to have the Sony learn codes from the 811, using the instructions from the book, but no luck. You're supposed to set the 811 receiver to echo mode. When you press a button in this mode, the code is echoed from the front of the unit. If you hold a learning remote in front of the unit, you are supposed to be able to capture the echoed codes. I've tried this with my Sony and another learning remote with no success.

    Anyone else using these two systems?


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