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SONY RM-938 problems

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Control & Remote Controls' started by jamie mathison, Nov 19, 2004.

  1. jamie mathison

    jamie mathison

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    I have had a SONY KP-44DX2 TV for nearly a year and have recently stumbled upon a couple of problems.

    Firstly, when watching SKY TV through any scart, the picture format changes from wide to smart to zoom, with no consistancy. I have tried cleaning the scarts, but with no change.

    Its annoying to watch a channel with zoom mode on because you lose half the picture and the quality drops.

    Secondly, after reading the handbook, it appears that I have the wrong remote. The book shows a RM-948, but I have a RM-938 which is ever so slightly different. The handbook instructions dont tie up with my remote.

    I cannot manually alter the aspect ratio with remote, even though the book has a whole section on it.

    Can anybody help please....?
  2. GreenBars

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    Oct 29, 2004
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    Regarding your remote control issue, I had a similar problem with a Sony KD28DX50U TV that I bought recently. I should have received an RM-933, but got an RM-932 instead. The differences prevented me from being able to change the aspect ratio. I went back to Comet and got them to order the correct remote for me - of course, I didn't pay for it. Seeing as it has been nearly a year since you got your TV it may prove difficult getting your retailer to sort out your remote issue, but I'd give it a try all the same. If they refuse contact Sony or try:


    They seem to be able to get hold of most remotes.

    Good luck.

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