Sony RHT-G800 fault - any experience with repairs ?


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My Sony RHT-G800 is 13 months old, the other day I was mid way through watching a film with my daughter on my Mac Mini connecting via the optical link and suddenly there was silence.

After lots of messing about, plugging/replugging, testing etc, I have determined that any optical input has failed... that is that the unit doesn't detect any signal is there (though all cables/devices have been tested as good).

I went to the Sony site and told them it had failed, but of course there response was that it's out of warranty and it would cost me money to have it repaired.

I've since rewired using phono connections from my TV (was on optical) and the mac so I've got something working. (happily HDMI is still fine) But I wanted to know if anyone else may have suffered a similar failure or had any experience of having to get someone in to fix one of these beasts.

Obviously I'd have to get someone out as it weighs 60KG, but if it's the cost of someone out spending hours taking it apart to replace the whole planar or something (I'm assuming everythings intergrated onto one board) then it might be too expensive to bother.

Any experience/ideas/advice ?


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