Sony replacement TV Kd65XH950 from older XD9300


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Hi guys. Hope everyone is safe.

Before Christmas I noticed I had some pretty annoying vertical ghosting on my tv and after 8 weeks of back and forth with Sony they have decided to replace my set.

I’ve had the Sony 65XD9300 for about 5 years now and it’s been replaced once and repaired 3 times.

They have come back and offered me this model

I’m no expert but the main reason I purchased the original tv was the 3D element and at the time it was probably the highest spec Tv at £2900

this tv seems like there are a lot of good features, yes I loose the 3D element but I just have that doubt that I’m getting a sub par replacement like for like.

they actually tried to deliver the set yesterday and it was damaged out the box so it’s been returned !

Any help would be appreciated,

Sloppy Bob

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No, you're not getting a sub par TV, it's a very fair substitute and the TV is near the top of the range with only one model above it that is LCD and it's an 8K set.
It will, ultimately, be a better TV than the one you had. If you had asked what would be a fair comparative substitute TV that's the one I'd have said you should be aiming for.
The 65XH9505 was a £2000 TV at launch, TVs are discounted over the course of the year and will very shortly be at their lowest price as the 2021 models arrive.

3D is pretty much dead for now, virtually all the manufacturers have removed support for it.


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The XD93 was Sony's second best 2016 model, after the ZD9. The XH95 is the second best 2020 LCD after the ZH8.

It's probably a slightly cheaper TV than the XD93 but some of that will be the general price drop in 65" panels due to larger manufacturing facilities.

And the next model up, the XH8, is only available in 75" and 85" so that's not comparable either. It seems like a closest replacement sony do in the current line-up.

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