Sony rdrh-xd870 HDMI problem


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Having set my recorder up successfully with the help of this forum, I am now experiencing the HDMI suddenly not functioning. It is fine one minute and then when you switch on again it is not functioning. Could this be a faulty connection on either the recorder or the Toshiba TV, or a faulty cable. I did not pay the earth for the cable just £9.99 from ASDA and is Philips manufacture.
The recorder is brilliant and just concerned at this malfunction.

Thanks for any guidance


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assuming you only have hdmi to tv.
have you checked your hdmi output settings in the recorder. hdmi control if its off switch on or if on switch off.
some times you need to switch the recorder on first so that tv can see the recorder when you switch on the tv.


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thanks for that. Would you put the problem with connections or cable, or is this a common thing with HDMI cables to TV and Recorders.
I have the HDMI set to on in recorder setup, and if its switched to off it does not function. I then put this back to on, switched off the recorder. I then switched recoder back on and still no HDMI. I removed the cable and then fitted it back and HDMI was functioning.
Bit of a mystery dont you think ?
Incidently both the TV and recorder are new
Could be a dodgy cable. If you've got it running in 1080P mode, trying knocking it back to 1080i or 720P and seeing if that's more stable. If it's happier at lower bandwidths, it might point to a poor cable. I've experienced one faulty HDMI cable which gave similar problems.


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