Sony RDR-HXD995 not auto formatting TV


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I have just bought a Sony DVD HDD recorder (RDR-HXD995) and am really very happy with it. Brilliant quality picture, love the 'pause TV' and chasing playback.
It is connected to my loft aerial for analogue broadcasts (no Freeview yet in my area!) and is connected to my standard Sky box by Scart.
I have the DVDR connected by Scart to a 28" CRT Sony KV28HX15U TV.
I have a problem with the DVD recorder not automatically changing the picture format on the TV

Previously, I had a video recorder in this position, and whatever it showed or played back, the TV would switch format accordingly (anamorphic for some Sky shows, 14:9 for some analogue broadcasts, 4:3 for others).
Now, with the Sony DVDR, everything is shown in a 4:3 format. I have to manually adjust the TV to match the broadcast. It records anamorphic from Sky, and plays it, but the TV stays resolutely in 4:3.
It's a right pain in the wossnames to have to switch the format manually every time I switch channel or input on the DVDR.

I have tried changing Scart leads, I have made sure the DVDR is set to 16:9 in the Playback menu, the TV is set to AUTO format switching. The DVDR is plugged into the 'SmartLINK' Scart socket on the TV, but I have tried it in both.
Nothing seems to get the TV to auto change the picture format.

Any suggestions or help appreciated!


not sure if this will help but ensure you have the sky box TV SCART connected to line1 of the dvdr , and not the VCR scart that you may have used before

now ensure its all set to rgb widescreen on the sky box and on the dvdr , and if the tv has any settings ensure they are also 16:9 widescreen and rgb

the idea is to have it all in rgb and widescreen , and using the tv scart from the sky box which is rgb , whereas the sky box vcr scart is composite and is not rgb

lastly , make sure 21 pin fully wired scarts are used

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