Sony RDR-HXD890 with V-Box (Samsung SMT-2110C) - Correct wiring and getting EPG


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Hi Everyone. Newbie here just needing some help!

I have searched forums but need clarifications on a few things?

I have a Sony RDR-HXD890 connected to a Virgin V-Box (Samsung SMT-2110C). Currently I can view feed from V-Box and record manually but want to get EPG and hopefully live pause also.

No terrestial signal available at location at all so have to rely on cable tv. I have connected as follows:-

SCART from V-Box TV to TV AV1
SCART from V-Box Video Recorder to Sony HXD890 Line-1 In
SCART from Sony HXD890 Line 3 SCART to TV AV2

On Sony EPG Guide set up have selected
Service: Cable
Provider: Telewest
Brand of STB: None
Have left STB switch on and tuned to Eurosport
When Sony is off am getting 'EPG' on display but when switched on and checking guide nothing is there.

I think having read some threads I need to change SCART connections? Also should I change EPG Guide settings? Other options as follows:-

Service: Cable, Satellite, Terrestial, None
Provider (based on selecting Cable): NTL, Telewest, Other

If I select NTL or Telewest only options for Brand of STB are Pace, Pace (Red-Eye) or None. If I select Provider as Other I can then select various brands including Samsung and ?????.

If I select Pace, Pace (Red-Eye), Samsung or ????? I get the option to select input i.e. Line 1, Line 2 and then it tries to send signal via g-link to change to channel 12. Some work i.e. display changes to 12 but does not stay that way as now all channels are 3 digits i.e. if STB on channel 102 it will change to 12 then revert backl to 102. If I accept as coding works and then go to set host channel manually I cannot set to eurosport as channel field is only 2 digits long? Should I leave on automatic? Help?


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