Sony rdr-hxd890 multiregion


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Hi all,
Just recently bought this DVD recorder to go with a KDLW5500 - nice setup which I am very pleased with. The recorder plays region 0 - 6 no problem but I have found a quirk which someone might recognise and hopefully shed some light on. It is supposed to be able to play a DVD when the HDD is recording and vice-versa. This it does for region 2 discs but if I try to play a region 1 disc when the HDD is recording it says it can't play as the TV system set-up is different. I have tried most settings but to no avail. Any help/advice greatly appreciated.


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Hi again,
Just found the following on another Forum : The player will not play an NTSC (or 525/60) disc whilst recording a PAL signal (such as you would get from its internal tuner and most likely external sources). NTSC discs are: All (I think) region 1 discs, some very few region 2 titles sourced in Europe, and all region 2 titles from Japan.

So I am not the only one to have come up against this problem, so the question now is (How) is it possible to overcome it?



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Sorry, I haven't got an answer to your problem, but just wanted to say I've just experienced the same problem with my Sony RDR-HXD995 multiregion. When I try playing a region 1 (NTSC) dvd while recording a tv programme on the hard drive, I get the message box " cannot play because the television system is set up differently" on the tv screen and a display of "can't play" on the hard drive recorder itself.

If I find a way of getting around it, I'll post on here, but so far, no success... :(


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It is NOT possible to overcome it. The entire machine can only function on one TV system (PAL/625 lines or NTSC/525 lines) at any one time.

If it's recording PAL/625 then it cannot at the same time play back NTSC/525. And vice versa.

And, as an aside, it has nothing to do with its being MultiRegion. The same limitation would be true of an unmodified (single region) machine (except, of course, that NTSC discs that are coded to include region 2 are relatively rare outside of Japan so it's less likely to arise).

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