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Sony RDR-HXD890 (Connections)


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I have the above recorder, which i bought today, and a Samsung LCD tv (with freeview) and a virgin box (not the v box, but a Samsung silver one).
What is the best way to connect them all up and also whats the best settings for the setup.
When viewing the virgin guide through the recorder, its not very clear, is this normal?
Cheers for any help everyone.


connect the rgb scart socket of the virgin box ( possibly the tv scart socket ) to line 1 of the sony recorder , and connect the line 3 output of the sony recorder to the tv rgb scart socket ( probably av1 )

set the virgin box , sony recorder and tv to rgb widescreen so that everything is as it should be

use 21 pin fully wired scart leads for both sections

connect the outside aerial to the digital freeview input of the sony recorder , the rf output can probably go direct to the tv


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Cheers for that.
Think thats what i've done, but also used a HDMI cable.
Also used a bridge areial between the digital and analouge.
The picture is not really very clear, but when watching dvds it is.


bridge cable is ok from digital to analogue , and ok if you loop it through the virgin box in between the digital and analogue aerial sockets too

if its not clear then you havent got all the rgb set up correctly or you are using a half populated scart lead , so make sure its all RGB and not cvbs


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Got the scart lead from maplins, its gold plated Niminoki (???spelling) its flat rubber and supposed to be pretty good.

Not sure how to set up RGB correctly, but i have done this,
The recorder is set to RGB on line 1 (cable box)
and cable box is set to RGB.


unplug the hdmi cable and try a scart lead from line 3 to tv rgb scart socket , so everything is rgb and test clarity again

if its all set correctly then it should be crystal clear


I received an RDR-HXD890 from Amazon a couple of days ago, and have been having fun exploring the various menus and features.

The build quality is superb (except for a rather cheap remote), and it is *very* quiet. I can only just hear the fan when the TV is muted, and the HDD seems to be silent.

The only thing that was a slight disappointment initially was the picture quality - particularly in the menus of the 890, and when looking at text from MHEG services. They were a little blurred even when changing the SCART setting to "s-video" or "RGB" (both are better than "video"), or even when using an HDMI lead instead. I also noticed that on some channels with scrolling text at the bottom e.g. news/shopping, the writing was quite fuzzy using an HDMI lead (but ok with SCART), whereas it is fine when using my TV's own tuner. (The TV is a Sony 40W4000.)

Anyway, I discovered a fix which might help others, and which will probably work on other models in Sony's range. I think that these picture issues stem from the player creating the menus in 576 resolution, and then upscaling the image before sending it to my Sony 1080 TV. If you change the 890's HDMI output resolution to 576i (which I believe means no upscaling/picture modification at all), then the TV itself will carry out the upscaling. In my case, the TV does a better job of upscaling than the 890, yielding crisper menus and clear scrolling text on the aforementioned channels. Note that 576p will not help - it must be 576i. This is greyed out (not selectable) until you change the colour setting to something other than the default of "YCbCr 4.2.2".

To summarise: any colour setting of "RGB (0-255)", "RGB (16-235)" or "YCbCr 4.4.4" combined with a resolution of 576i seems to give a very good picture indeed for an HDMI connection.



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I was just wondering as you are a owner of a 890 could you try and play a xvid file on it i know it can play divx but was wondring if it handles xvid thanks for any help you can give if possible.

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