Sony RDR-HXD870 Questions


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Firstly ill apologise as there are already a few threads regarding this recorder
but none seem to have the answers i seek or at least they don't slap me in the face right away.

what i would like this recorder to do is replace three pieces of kit i have already

1/Topfield pvr twin digital tuner
2/ Samsung hd 850 upscales 720p&768p&1080i divx mp3
3 Liteon 5045gdl 160gig dvd recorder

i suppose in a nutshell

is the Sony twin digi tuner and will it transfer movie files via usb,and is it limited to only 1080p upscale or will it find a match with my 2 year old Hitachi plasma will it save on my carbon footprint by replacing the three items of kit
or is is it better to leave those running and being able to keep the heating switched off.

one more thing does the upscaler only work for the dvd or will it upscale via scart ie sky+ box, i know the arguments surrounding upscalers but i do find the samsung hd850 a very good player and gives a better PQ than the other dvd players i have had connected.

thank you


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This model is not a twin tuner in that it has 2 is a combined Analogue/Digital tuner.
There are no twin-tuner DVDRs available in the UK.
So it will not do what you require...replace your Topfield PVR.


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thanks jayCee

losing one digi tuner is not the worst thing, as there is a sky+ box somewhere in the mix as well.

if the sony is capable of transferring the recorded files to pc via the usb like the topfield that would be a big plus, the other major concern is the upscale
as the sony is only advertised as 1080p now is this upto 1080p or only 1080p

and does the upscaler only work on the dvd or does it work on the scart in and rf digi signal as well.

thank you

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