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Posts: 1 Problem with timer recordings on SonyRDR-HXD710 - insufficient space on HDD


I have a Sony RDR-HXD710 DVD recorder with 160GB hard disc.

I have had this for about a year and it has worked OK until recently. I have a library of family videos on the HDD so there is about 45 GB left.

I also have about a dozen timer recordings of the "every Monday at 7:30" type. These programmes are recorded, viewed later and then deleted. This arrangement worked fine until a few weeks ago.

I have had this HXD710 for a year. Over a few months I added an archive of old home videos (converted from VHS) onto the 160gb hard disc. It eventually reached a total of about 70GB.

We also have about 10 timer recordings of the "every Monday 7:30 to 8:00" type. These typically get watched within 24 hours and deleted so they add at most 10GB to the 70GB above.

A few months ago the timer recordings just stopped working. Trying to edit them gave an error "end time in the past" - which is impossible in an "every Monday" entry. If I tried to add new entries I got "no space on HDD" errors. The only solution was to delete all the EPG entries (which obvioulsy did not increase the free disc space) and then add them from scratch.

This has now happened 3 times (usually with a couple of months between).

I spoke to Sony Tech Support and they were no help except they did say that the device needs 40 GB for a cache - which in turn means you can only use 120GB for storage!

Anyone heard of this sort of thing before?




I suspect it is a logic problem with the software. The recordings stopped because it was trying to calculate ahead how much space you might need for the repeated recordings, then decided it hadn't enough for anything. As the recordings missed, when you tried to edit, behind the scenes of the Weekly recording will have had a start date, this was probably set back in time to the first failure, hence you couldn't edit.

Just bad software programming, all you can do is take it up with Sony again.

What is more of a worry is you have put a lot of stuff on the hard-drive, seemingly archived home movies. You do realise you could wake up tomorrow morning to find nothing on the hard-drive, or need to send the recorder back to Sony who then reset and reformat the hard drive losing everything?

You shouldn't use the hard-drive for archiving, it should only be thought of as temporary storage.




Thanks for the analysis of the cause and I suspect you are right. It feels to me like a software problem. But at best we are speculating. The real problem is how to demonstrate it to Sony in order to get it dealt with. Anyone who doesn't use the machine in this way won't get the problem so I am probably in a minority.

I misled you when I used the word "archive". It's more a "accessible collection". The movies are all backed up on the original VHS and also on DVD, stored in separate places. They are only on the disc for convenience, ready for when my wife wants to indulge in some nostalgia!

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