SONY RDR HXD710 Recording Problem


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Hope someone out there can help me - I am almost certainly doing something wrong.

I have the above PVR connected to a Sony Bravia KDL-S26A12U TV - combination works perfectly and has done for 5 years.

However, I am now trying to record from a video camera onto the DVD of the PVR via the TV.

I have connected the camera to the AV1 scart of the TV and can successfully play the contents of the camera on the TV screen. I have a formatted DVD-RW in the PVR and thought I could just press record on the PVR remote control whilst the camera is playing but the record button does nothing and nor does pressing the record button on the PVR. Am I doing something stupid please?


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1. The HXD710 is a DVD recorder not a PVR.
2. You need to plug the camera's scart cable into the HXD710 not the TV and select that input as the source of the recording before presng the record buton.
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