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Just wondering if anyone has experienced any problems with the DVD drive on a Sony RDR-HXD710 as mine seems to have given up the ghost and is refusing to play any discs - blank or prerecorded?

I took it into my local Sony repair agent who took a look and quoted £187 + VAT to fit a new disc drive which considering the recorder was only purchased about 18 months ago seems a bit much to me.


I'm sorry this post doesn't help you, but yours is the latest reference to the 710. I guess you like me will not be returning to the Sony store.

My reason for writing is to say "thank you" to this forum.
I have an RDR-HXD710 which has behaved itself for just over a year (my kit always fails when the warrenty is up). Then as per your other contributors it decided to play up. I had been trying to set a timer for a film on Ch 5. The EPG said there was no info available, which I thought a bit odd as it was only a few days ahead.
So I hit the "show this channel" button. From memory this is when it all went pear shaped. The recorder just refused to respond to the handset. I tried changing batterries. It would not even switch off if you pressed the button on the recorder. Over a period of days it thought about working but would record the wrong channel or not at all. The handset would EVENTUALLY work (we're talking two minutes to bring up the playlist here) wading through treacle wasn't in it.
Panic set it. Phone calls etc. etc. then I discovered this web forum.
I took the advice of Nobby Clark and disconnected the mains. After a couple of times of doing this for appx. half hour I am pleased to say it seems ok again.
I am keeping my fingers crossed (technical term)
Thanks again people Bob


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Yep mine just under 2 years old - just stopped functioning a few weeks back. Just displays the welcome message then shuts down. Last time I buy a Sony. If anyone knows of a cheap fix/repair let me know but I suspect a new Pany might be the remedy.


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Since posting yesterday. I've discovered more info on another forum.

My HXD710 stopped working back in August/September - which I put down to 'just my luck'.

However, a bit of internet research has elicited that at about that time Sony downloaded an over the air software upgrade that corrupted the firmware in the machines. Online forums suggest that at first Sony were reluctant to acknowledge the problem. Then it appears that they have acknowledged it (but there is no info on their website).

Initially they were arranging to courier units back for repair. However, now (and I've just spent most of the morning trying to speak to their dreadful customer services) they expect me to take it to their repair agent (30 miles away) pay for an estimate and they may then sort it! Apparently the bootrom needs reloading.

I dread to think how many people have got rid of their recorders thinking it wasn't worth repairing them . I've seen at least one sold on Ebay as faulty with the same problem.
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