SONY RDR-HXD710 - copy HDD for backup?



SONY RDR-HXD710 DVD Recorder will not read disks.
My next task is to copy the existing titles of 87 GB from the 160 GB HDD, before taking it in for repair.
I cannot find in the manual any info on how exactly to do this - I want to connect to a computer or to an external disk drive.
What output sockets and what leads would be suitable?
I have Apple iMac and iBook computers and one LaCie drive, all with Firewire and USB connections.
The SONY manual only seems to describe dubbing from HDD to a blank DVD and each DVD holds only 4.7 GB.
That means a lot of blank DVDs.
Any ideas on how to copy from HDD to an external drive?


the only thing I can think of is to copy in real time by pressing play on this recorder and record on another one


The SONY RDR-HXD710 could not be repaired [no parts available] so was replaced with a new Panasonic. I still want to recover the 87 GB of recorded TV programmes from the salvaged SONY HDD. It has been installed in a holder / caddy but connecting it to a Windows PC or a Mac does not work - neither can recognise any files on the HDD.
Does anyone know what file format is used on the SONY 710 HDD?


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DIOGENES998 wrote Does anyone know what file format is used on the SONY 710 HDD?

Not sure on the file format, but as a lot of these type of players use linux(Unix) based software. You could try using a linux live disc to see if that can read the drive. (or download a copy, try Pclinuxos works quite well and is very user friendly.).

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