Sony RDR HXD710 Boot Problem after playback failure.


Roger Jay

I have a Sony RDR HXD710 which will not boot up.
When the mains power is turned on, all that happens is that the "Welcome" message appears, accompanied by a quiet whirring noise for about 10sec. The message and the noise then disappear for about 5sec. & the process then repeats itself ad infinitum. Very occasionally the whirring noise goes from quiet to louder followed by an immediate switch off. I have tried leaving the power off overnight with no effect.
The problem started when I was playing back a radio programme recording from the HDD when it got "stuck" and rapidly repeated itself, sounding like a vinyl disc stuck in a groove. No controls would work & I had to resort to turning off the power. The boot problem then appeared.
I had a similar problem 2 months ago but it only occurred intermittently, though frequently. I thought it might have been due to the HDD being very full so I deleted some large recordings. This didn't improve things so I thought it might be due to fragmentation so I formatted the disc. This worked at the time (coincidence?) but was it the solution? Obviously with total boot failure it's not an option now.
The disc has just filled up to the point at which I am again getting messages about lack of room when I set the timer. There is about 40GB free but I have about 10-15 programmes set to repeat record, I assume these total more than the 40GB available.
Can anyone help, or is it a trip to the Sony service centre as I fear?
Thank heaven it didn't happen over Christmas.
Regards, Roger :uk:

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