Sony RDR-HXD560 Problem Information?



I hope someone can help me, I’ve just unplugged my Sony GX210 DVD Recorder :( . It’s finally given up on me failing to record anything properly or even reading disks without giving me a warning :confused: . I've had it for 15 months now and I really don’t want to spend any money getting it repaired if at all possible!

I have since seen loads of reviews outlining the RGB, Clock and Disk Error problems and also gutted to find that it’s a re badged LG product :mad: .

I am very disappointed with Sony at the moment but being a stickler for Sony am willing to try a newer model :rolleyes: .

I love the sound of the HXD560, the spec sounds very good. I'm after a Free View/Hard Drive/DVD Recorder combo.

Does anyone know of any problems before I go and shell out for this model or can anybody recommend another make or machine altogether?

Please help! :lease:


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I've only had mine for a week, and I'm not clued up. Minor problems, which I may be able to solve include numerous 'dirty disk' errors, random (child thing) locking of DVD drawer, dumping a timer recording on DVD after 20 mins etc.

Main prob. is that although EPG is excellent, and makes recording easy, it doesn't seem possible to extend recording by 5/10/15 mins (despite what instructions say).

Another Sony model came out last week with 250Gb HDD and twin tuners (one digital), and I would have gone for that instead (assuming analog still going for another 5-6 years).

If you do decide to go ahead, get it at John Lewis (2 year guarantee) and go armed with the £290 - £310 quotes (non-internet) which are available from other dealers.

Good luck.

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