Sony RDR HX910 (or 710 - 510) scart connectors - help needed

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Jim Pixel, Nov 7, 2005.

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    Hi all, sorry that I haven't browsed to see if I can find any info ih this forum but I have to get in with my job as I am at work....

    I want to connect a VCR to the HX910... HX910 has scart port called "Line 3"... VCR has RCA connectors... Of course, I want to record from the HX910 to the VCR, and then, playback through the same scart port (Line 3).

    1. Will a "Scart to RCA (both in and out) A/V adaptor do the trick for me?

    2. Does the scart port on the back of the HX910 handle both in and out traffic? In this part of the world (New Zealand), we don't use scart as a rule but some appliances do have them.

    3. Assuming that the above is possible - If connected through Line 3, will the VCR record from all other input sources connected to the HX910 - e.g - DvD Player on Line 2, Sky Decoder on Line 4 etc?

    4. Does the scart connector on Line 3 (in this case, with a VCR in it) act like a monitor feed on an audio amp, diverting all input through a loop on which you could either put a tape recorder or a graphic EQ, then re-feed back into the amp for processing?

    I hope you guys can help as I haven't yet bough the Scart/RCA adaptor because they can be a little bit expensive and if it doesn't do what I want, then it could be a waste of time...

    Many thanks for any help...

    Cheers all..

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