Sony RDR-HX910 DVD/HDD Recorder - what editing functions does it have?


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Oct 4, 2005
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After a long wait Sony has rerleased its new DVD/HDD recorder, the RDR-HX910 with promise of a higher spec. 1010 to follow.
The new machine has HDMI, Freeview tuner and 250GB hard drive so it has the potential to be just what a lot of us are looking for.
HOWEVER; as an owner of the RDR-HX1000 which has appalling editing (no splitting or combining of tracks recorded on the hard drive) I am equally interested in the editing capabilities of the new machine(s).
Could anybody tell me if the 910 has the ability to record an evening of TV and then allow it to be split into serarate programmes for transfer to DVD. Also in the event that a programme is recorded in several sections can they be combined into a single title.
Hi ya. I have 3 of these. Fantastic machine. Can do split title. Can do A-B erase. Cannot do join titles.
Thanks for the info.

Please tell me more about the editing capabilities.

Have Sony improved on the method used to get to the required edit frame. On the HX1000 the operation required playing at full speed and hitting the pause button as close as possible to the edit point, after which you had to inch frame-by-frame till you got to the right place. With 25 frames a second it takes a long time.

I used a Panasonic and that had 3 speeds fast and 3 slow, in both forward and reverse, which made getting to an edit point fast and accurate. Have Sony adopted this idea?

Do you know a link to an on-line user guide to the recorder. Sony put some up on their web-site, but none for the RDR-HX910 as yet.
In A-B Erase mode you can move edit point using all playback method available. So, it can be: normal play, frame by frame, fast rewind forward and backward with 3 speeds (including 1.5x for forward). BTW, you can join titles, but only if you use playlist, eg: you can create playlists from title A and title B and join those playlists together or you can join titles when you create playlist. While you create playlist from current title you can add as much other titles as you want to created playlist, so it is a simple procedure. I don't understand, why Sony provides possibility of joining titles on DVD-RW VR mode discs only, but if you can join titles by using playlists, so it is good enougth.

ArtS :cool:
In case anyone is interested, the RDR-HXD910 is now listed on Sonys UK website.

Can anyone confirm if the 910 can output a progressive signal for both PAL and NTSC? I know that this is the 910 thread but I would also be interested in knowing the same about the 710 model.

I have checked the specifications on their site but there is no mention of it. Theres also no mention of a HDMI output on the 910 which I presume is one of the differences between the 910 and the 710.

Hi UKGUY. having just bought the 710 the only difference I can see is the bigger HD and the HMDI. I have also checked the manual and there is no mention of PAL or NTSC for the progressive I take it it will do both...hope this helps
Dougalls said:
Hi UKGUY. having just bought the 710 the only difference I can see is the bigger HD and the HMDI. I have also checked the manual and there is no mention of PAL or NTSC for the progressive I take it it will do both...hope this helps

Thanks for that Dougalls. Have you by any chance tried out any NTSC discs in progressive?

Has anyone else, on either the 710 or 910?
Thanks UKGUY4672 for the info that Sony have now added the 910 to their web-site.

Search for it as the RDR-HXD910 ("D" for digital I presume) to find the page dedicated to the machine, but as the RDR-HX910 (without the "D") to find a pdf version of the User Guide at: .

The web-site is slow, but one of the many links to an English version of the manual finally worked and I now have a pdf copy to study in depth.

Great forum - thanks for your help everybody!
Has the UK version of this machine got HDMI?

I was sure from what I had read on the Internet that it had, but looking at the Sony web-site I can't find any mention of HDMI and the User Guides (which are for the non- Freeview version) show only SCART sockets on the back of the machine.

WIll someone who actually owns a UK supplied Freeview model please confirm what we are getting in the UK.

I was caught out previously with a Panasonic DVD/HDD recorder that was down-specified for the UK market with a smaller HDD, than the US, and no progressive scan.

I hope my original post was not premature and misled anybody into thinking the 910 was better than it really is.

Yes, that Sony desciption of it's HXD910 is pretty poor - no mention of upscaling or HDMI output. This recorder was reviewed in the November issue (no. 299) of What Video & Widescreen TV magazine where it got a 5* Best Buy rating. The photo of the rear panel definitely shows an HDMI socket with 2 Scarts, component, and 2 each of composite and S-video. Composite, S-video and DV are available on the front panel. Hope this helps.


I took delivery of my RDR-HXD710 today. I havent had a chance to set it up yet but I have had a read through the manual.

What I can tell you is that the accompanying user manual is different to the one available for download on the Sony UK website.

In the very first chapter "Hookups and Settings" there are several pictures which clearly show the back of the machine and each shows a HDMI port. Step 3 in this section specifically details how to hook up the video and HDMI cables on the DVD Recorder to a TV or other device. Of course, it also clearly states that the HDMI port is only present on the RDR-HXD910.

I hope this clears things up for you.
Thanks UKGUY4672. It seems fairly certain, from what you say and a magazine review I have seen, that the UK model does have HDMI.

As regards the subject of my original post, editing, it would also appear that Sony, in designing the 910, has addressed a serious failing of my RDR-HX1000 which cannot split a recording into two - am I correct in saying they have added this feature?

I suppose it is too much to expect that they have also made it possible to arrive at a frame accurate edit point without following the time consuming process of inching there frame-by-frame, at about 1fr per second. A variable speed jog facility, as used by Panasonic, should be their next project!

Before people rush to the defence of Sony's weak editing options and suggest I get a PC with Avid. All I expect from a domestic DVD/HDD recorder is the ability to quickly remove commercial breaks and the top and tail a programme recorded on the HDD before transfer to a DVDR disk. The Sony can do this, but slowly because of the speed of getting to the frame. It is also essential that when I record "Churchill" and stop the recording part way through the "Eden Project", which follows, only to be told by She-That-Must-Be-Obeyed that the "Eden Project" is much wanted. That I can start another recording and piece the bits together. "Split" and "Combine" are all that are needed, or even a "Playlist Dub" option. DVD/HDD recorders do need basic editing functions and manufacturers should provide them.

Now why do 16:9 recordings transfer to -R and -RW but not +R and +RW? Sony and Panasonic, to my knowledge, both suffer from aspect ratio confusion (Sony being better as at least some formats preserve the correct switching data) but why should there be any instance where 16:9 is forced into 4:3? It would be better if we could decide the aspect ratio flagging for ourselves, because some of the time, when recording from a Sky Box in anamorphic 16:9 you get 4:3 geometry if the programme is old.
Hi. What's the best price people have seen and where ?
Also do you reckon that Component Video output is as good as HDMI?
If so is the talked of £200 more for the 910 over the 710 worth it solely for the larger HD?

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