Sony RDR-HX900 AB Erase - stupid problem


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I've copied some video from a camera via DV (using "One Touch Dubbing") to the internal harddisk.
But when I try to edit it using A-B Erase, it almost always says:
"No new data can be added to this disc."
Sometimes (at some places of this video) it allows me to delete something, but mostly it doesn't.
The manual says only: "If No new data can be added to this disc apears on the screen, erase any unwanted titles before editing".
This is a stupid advice, because the internal disc is almost empty (about 25% of its capacity is used) :mad:
Anyway, I tried to delete something, but it didn't help.

Any idea???? Please help! :lease:


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As far as I'm aware the Sony HX900 and HX1000 had these sort of problems where it was incapable to cut and divide a complete recording on the harddisc therefore making A-B erase an almost impossible task. There was quite sometime ago a good thread all about this on the digitalspy forums. You may need to visit here to get your answer.

I have myself no personal experience of the unit other than some interest I expressed when it was out but the cut and divide feature reluctantly kept my money in my pocket..... probably just as well as it was not a cheap piece of kit ;)


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OK, but this is something different. It doesn't have "divide" function, which is sad, but it has A-B erase. It worked, but today I faced the problem described above. So I would be glad if someone who knows how to solve it gives me his/her advice ...
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