Hi could anyone give me some advice on how i can replace the hard disk in my dvd recorder please?

I've tried formatting the hard disk three times but im still getting HDD error occasionally. I can record stuff to the hard drive but intermittently, it stops, and I get the error again. I then have to re-load the player several times before it will record anything again. If anyone could help me, i'd be so grateful :)

i took the hard drive out of the DVD player and noted the serial number so i could buy a replacement. Turns out the hard drive is a serial SATA drive, the same one that comes out of a PC so I ordered the same model and installed it in the player. The player doesn't seem to want to format it though and just turns off after trying to format the drive.

Has anyone got any ideas on what i'm doing wrong? it's driving me mad and I don't know what to do. I'd really appreciate any help or advice from anyone who has replaced a DVD hard drive themselves before.

Many thanks Francis :))
You won't fix it by installing a brand new working drive.

Sony have deliberately made it difficult for users to switch drives. They don't want consumers buying models with small drives and then upgrading to bigger drives themselves.

If it's under warranty, insist that the repairers replace the hard drive or better still, get your supplier to exchange the whole machine.

The Sale of Goods Act will be on your side, if under 6 months old.
Same problem with ours, after about 12 uses over 15 months since it was new.
The troubleshooting instructions have no impact, so it's pay for an expensive repair or junk more than £200 of virtually unused kit.
Despite the postings on this forum, Sony told me they don't recognise a generic fault with these machines - so I say DON'T BUY SONY. Simple.
Pioneer or Panasonic, here I come.

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