SONY RDR GXD500 to LCD - Please help?????

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    I've just take delivery of my new Sony LCD KLV32M1B and my new RDRGXD500 DVD recorder with built in freeview and I have a few problems with the set up and hopefully some of you av gods out there can please help. I just want some advise on the best set up in order to achieve the best possible results.

    Currently I an connected as follows.

    Cable (Televison) to LCD via Pure Av (£20ish) scart lead to RGB connection 1 on TV.
    - Picture not mind blowing but goodish - expected better to be honest.

    DVDR/Freeview to LCD via component (Cheap as chips lead).
    - Picture pretty damn good in both DVD mode and the few freeview channels I do have.

    PS2 to LCD via one of those component/scart adaptor thingys.
    - Picture nothing to right home about - tiny bit of blurring on things if you look hard enough.

    So my questions are.

    1. Is there anyway I can get better PQ via different set up or better leads etc. with the above equiptment - specifically cable TV.

    2. my analogue signal is pap. so we'll discount that straight away but it looks like it's having an effect on my freeview - which is only picking up certain channels - although some are of good quality eg. Sky news etc. I can't even get ITV1 etc....
    My signal strength is at 75% according to the Freeview menu
    Will I need to invest in a new good quality TV ariel to sort out my freeview picture??????

    3. Can this set up output progressive scan - if so how and with what connections etc?

    I've just been out and bought some DVD-RW to try this baby out tonight, so I anticipate more hours of headscratching tonight when I get down to the nitty gritty!

    Sorry for the long post....!

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