Sony RDr-GXD210S


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I've seen a fair bit of bad press for this machine from earlier in the year. Has anyone bought one recently and had problems with the RGB passthrough quality?


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Yup, I (stupidly) bought one without checking here first, and they do still have the RGB passthru problems. I'm calling the supplier first thing tomorrow to see if I can get it replaced, any suggestions on what I should get instead ?

Also, not seen it posted anywhere before, but I've also got a problem with NTSC discs, in that you get a 'stepping' thats extremely noticeable on wide panning shots, I connected up my old Sony 725 and the same scenes play back very smoothly.

Don't want to hijack your post, but anyone any ideas on the NTSC problems ?


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I"ve got the machine connected with freeview box and I didn't have any RGB problem with it. I can view digital channel without switing the machine on, and my recording is fantastic.
(Bought the recorder in July in Dixon, works like a charm!)

Regarding the NTSC problem, the machine isn't multi-region unless you hacked it. I have bought the hacking disc from ebay and I personally haven't encounter any problem with imported DVD so far.



I bought a DVD Recorder RDR-GX210 but I'm unable to record some TV channels. I have the recorder connected to a tv box through the scart cable and when I try to record appears the following message: «UNABLE TO REGISTER SIGNAL». Does anyone know what this means? Thank you all for your help.

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