SONY RDR-C100: problem dubbing from miniDV


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Hi ... the operation should be simple and straightforward thru i-link ... the DVD-R should command the camcorder (for example to rewind the tape) and there's that single button to push, to start the playing on the camcorder and the recording on the DVD-R.

However the behaviour is very erratic ... doesn't wirk that way and I have to try several times manually to have it work, by pushing over and over again the button on the remote and/or on the DVD-R. The DVD-R actually recognizes the "status" of the camcorder, by showing on the screen and on its display what the camcorder is doing (playing, rewinding, pause).

Last problem is that, once I am able after several attempts to start the recording, often it stops with no apparent reason (the tape still goes, the red led on the DVD-R is still on but the time of recording is still and after having stopped manually the recording I can see that in fact it recorded just a portion ... this portion always varies, for the same tape it can stop on the first attempt after 20', on the second attempt then after 3 and so on).

Camcorder is a SONY TRV-18 of 2002.

Many thanks to everyone willing to share info, cheers.


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Have you checked to make sure you are on the latest firmware for the dvd recorder?

I did ... at least, I updated few weeks ago (april/may) to the latest available at the time, something like 0.92 (?!... just recalling, cannot check it as I am writing).

Are you aware of maybe a newer version that fix the problem? Are you a owner as well?



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These dvd recorders are notorious for being rough around the edges. I've just searched and they now have a newer firmware which has actually passed the number 1.0 point which normally signifies its gone from being a beta firmware to a retail grade firmware.

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The improvements don't mention camcorder recording though but its always wise to keep the firmware updated especially with these models.


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Update to the story ....

Loaded fw 1.03 not without problems: first attempt didn't work and I had to power-off the device during the process, thing that you should never do but it was hung so I had to (didn't actually start, stuck at 0% processing after 20'). Mastered another CD and that worked. Few minutes of panic later since DTT has disapperared, had to search channels again.

Anyway, the device still refuses to talk to the camcorder the way it should but there's an improvement since when somehow I am able to manually start the recording, it doesn't stop randomly and goes to the end.

I was therefore able to acquire a couple of miniDV; new problem now is that when mastered to DVD (one on -R, one on +RW) recording is really poor quality (unreasonable flickering) ... this had happened in the past one time only. I'll give a try to change the brand of the support and use TDK or Verbatim for example.

Really upset with this unit ... reconsidering all the credit I had for the Sony brand.


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They are dire units, they are based on a low cost chipset pcb design by samsung and actual samsung units at least have a firmware with some good features to make up for the shortcomings of the hardware but with the sony version you are getting both restricted firmware and hardware a double negative.

Truly atrocious units that should never have reached retail. Unfit to be sold quite frankly. You'd have no problem getting a refund in the courts with these. They simply don't work correctly. I'm unsure how much better they are with the latest firmware but the firmware they were released with had major issues. One I noticed with the DC100 which has a 160GB hdd was it only recorded freeview at 6mbps meaning the hdd could only hold about 50hrs of freeview recordings. A samsund dvd recorder or a normal freeview pvr can hold upto about 200hrs of freeview with a 160GB hdd because they don't pad the mpeg data to 6mbps. Freeview often transmits at well below 2mbps especially the lesser channels like Virgin 1. The Sony was wasting 75% of hdd space with freeview recordings. It makes no sense. Maybe this has been cured with later firmwares but it shows absolute contempt by Sony for its customers.

Ebuyer do wharfedale dvd recorders with 160GB hdds for about £60. I'm not saying that they have the reliability of the new sony dc range but they massacre the sony's with regard functionality. You can buy about four of the wharfedales for the price of one inferior sony dc model.

If your sony doesn't function correctly with your camcorder especially as its a sony camcorder plus read the other threads here about DC range problems. Write them all down and go back to your dealer with all the points and ask for a refund as unfit to be sold. If they refuse and you paid by credit card contact them for a chargeback. If not go the small claims route. Frankly everyone with a sony dc model should be returning them.


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... You'd have no problem getting a refund in the courts with these ...

Unfortunately in Italy doesn't work that way ... you have I guess two weeks to return it (bought it several weeks ago but didn't almost use it for the purpose) and get it replaced by similar unit (not sure if you can get refund) ... later what you can do is only take it to a service center but I even doubt they could do anything for it ....

Anyway I'll give it another try in the very next days ... bought also different DVD-Rs to see if it helps.

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