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Discussion in 'Sony TVs Forum' started by DarthGladders, Dec 21, 2016.

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    I'm in the market for a new 4K TV and am struggling to work out which one I want! Now, my budget is ideally up to £1500 (I'm hoping for some good discounts in the post Christmas sales...) and I'm currently stuck between a couple of Sony's.

    I sit around 7-8 feet from the set, so a minimum size of 55" for the screen is what I'm after, but ideally 65" is what I want.

    The 2 Sony models I'm looking at are the XD8599 or the XD9305. I know the differences in the set, but bearing in mind I will be in a lit room all the time (we never watch anything in total darkness!) and will be watching mainly HD but 4K and HDR from Netflix, Amazon and YouTube, will I really notice £500 difference on the XD9305? I've been trying to work this out from the discussions here and can't work it out.

    I had a look at the two sets in a shop on the weekend, but can't be sure. Any thoughts or advice would be most welcome to help me overcome this dilemma!

    Alternatively, if anyone has any other recommendations (not the Samsung series as I have read that there are major motion judder issues with the KS range at present and I watch a lot of sport), then I am open to alternative makes!

    Many thanks in advance!

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