Sony PVM-1442QM CRT 60Hz flicker problems


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Hi, I'm having an issue with a Sony Trinitron CRT and I wonder if any of you can please help?

I have a Sony PVM-1442QM, and the picture flickers horizontally from left to right if it's given a 60Hz signal. I've confirmed it's not just the one particular Japanese console it's unhappy with, as when I switch a PAL PS2 game like Psyvariar or R-Type Final to 60Hz mode the flickering begins also. I've tried adjusting the V-hold knob on the back and this doesn't solve the problem. The games consoles are plugged in to a Holdan HSR-1000 SCART router, and then into the RGB and sync BNC thingies on the monitor (see below)


The model is supposed to be compatible with 60Hz signals. On the front there are LEDs that light up when it detects PAL, SECAM or NTSC (see below). None of these light up for me, but I've been informed this is because they are composite formats and not relevant to RGB input.


Does anyone have an idea what might be the problem, and how I might solve it?

Thanks for reading!


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Have you pressed the EXT SYNC Button? Thats all I can think of other than the PVM being 25 years old. I have a 2044qm made on 19-01-1990 still going strong!

You could try asking on the SHMUPS hardware forum, a lot of people there use pvms and bvms.

Here are some pictures of mine:




and my 1454qm



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Yeah, the button is depressed. If I pop it back out there's no picture at all. Thanks for the reply though, and nice CRTs

I'll try the hardware forum on the shmups site as you say, reading some of these threads there seems to be quite a lot of CRT knowledge over there

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