Sony PS3's Entitlements Explained (You can't sell your used games!!!)

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Assuming for 1 minute this is true, what happens when a few years down the line little johnny has a few PS3 games, his PS3 dies so he goes and gets a new one to discover all his games suddenly dont work as its not the same console as he used to have,.

What provision would sony make for that scenario?

Surely it word just work of ya login details - username and password?


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Indeed, I hope they don't go down this route as I feel it would be disaterous for them. I'm sure they realise this too. Still I guess there's no smoke without fire, but i'd guess that it's just something for the future as opposed to this gen.

If this patent was to come into use then i agree it would be more likely to happen on future consoles and not on the PS3. As far as i can see this hasn't been approved and now seems unlikely to be in place for the PS3 release. But this could all be irrelevant anyway as it seems likely that companies will go down the download route for game distribution which would eliminate the 2nd hand market and then none of us will have a choice of what we do with our games.

If this patent did happen though then there is the possibility of getting 2nd hand games cheaper than we do now even if it does make it more difficult to get hold of. Shops such as Game can charge silly money for used titles and i can remeber seeing Halo in there for 2p less than the new one and most people use these shops when they buy 2nd hand.


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A patent does not allow the owner to do something, it just provides a tool to prevent other people from doing it.
Hey, so Sony invent this, then patent it to stop anyone else from doing it and thus ensure that the whole industry never has to suffer under this ludicrous system. Nice one Sony, whoulda thought they could be so nice?. :thumbsup:

This is already pretty much being done by MS - Arcade games can't be used on other xbox360's now can they?
I can take my hard drive to a mates and play all my arcade games at his house providing I sign in with my profile. Not sure if the Sony patent would allow that?


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If sony really have a problem with the second hand market all they would really have to do is make sure the retailer has something like a Sony Authorised Re-Seller Distributorship. Then people could trade played games, and the retailer should retain responsibilty for ensuring all royalties are paid. This would be easy enough to do on-line, with practically the same system. Sony could have a License agreement with a license code which the shop (cex, game) could complete. Admitedly you will get less for your trade ins or pay more for the used title but the onus should be on the people who supply the games and not the end user. Why should you or I be forced to beg for permission to share with a mate.

I must admit the Idea seems to me that Sony has realised that 2nd hand market truely is vast and now they want a slice. My honest opinion is that alot of buyers will be naive to this and purchase consoles for the kids because of "brand awareness" then find themselves being shafted fifty or sixty quid a title simply because they are unaware of this "brilliant" system.

Im sure plenty of gamers out there have been unsure of a purchase, not sure the latest Madden, FIFA, FPS or RPG is worthy of their purchase. So you rent it (no longer possible) or borrow it (now will cost to re-register) only to find you love it a pay full whack for the game. In my opinion this will deter the purchase of product and games which maybe only recieve 7/10 in the magazines or do not appear to be AAA games will be largly ignored by the consumer. This in turn will force the the MSRP down faster which is exactly what SOny are saying they want to avoid!!! The game God of War was a massive hit on PS2 despite little advertising, not much pre release hype and people told each other about the fantastic game and LENT IT TO THEIR MATES!!!

Also take into account that in Europe we wait 5 months for the latest games (thanks.for.that) so wont be able to play import software at all and you have really a system which couldn't be less gamer focused.

In short yet another nail in the already well fastened Delaystation Coffin.


I seem to remember posting months ago about how the online arena could be really useful in the tracking of stolen consoles etc. I could imagine this being useful in the same way, but if the royalties system does get implemented I could see this being a big problem.


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Personally I don't believe that the (alleged) proposed system is workable.

Whilst all the discussions on this thread is purely speculative, I'd imagine if such a system were indeed implemented, the way it works may not be far off what has been suggested here - i.e. each game disk having a unique ID which is then married to the unique ID of a particular console.

Presumably then, for this to work, when a disc is insterted into a PS3 for the 1st time, the console connects to Sony servers and tells them Disk ID "Sisk1234" now belongs to Machine ID "MachineABCD".

What happens then if you buy a game, and it's faulty? Currently you would take it back to the shop, they put it in one of their consoles to confirm as such. Well, under the proposed system the shop owners will not be able to do this as the disk already belongs to someone else. Unless ofcourse the stores are issued with PS3s that can bypass the check... which opens up a whole new can of worms in that if such a hack was possible then it wont be long before everyone was doing it. If its not a hack but specially modded PS3's then presumably these mods will be sold and Sony have wasted their time and effort.

Another potentially problematic scenario is in households with more than one machine. If the games are married to a machine ID then you'd have a situation where a game will work in one console but not in the other - a real pain in the backside. If the games are married to user accounts then this is not such aproblem until you have a situation where there are 2 members of the family connected to PS3 Live with their own user accounts. You'd end up having to buy 2 copies of the same game as you are again, unable to share.

I think the system is unlikely to happen as it causes more problems than it solves, and at the end of the day I doubt Sony will get that much in additional revenue for it to make it worth their while. Setting up and maintaining the infrastructure to accomodate such a system is not going to be cheap or easy. They'll have to run a sepearte call centre just to handle the inevitable problems and disputes that arrise.

At the end of the day, whilst Sony have displayed some remarkable lapses recently in coherant decision making, they aren't entirely stupid. I think this latest rumour is just another attempt by whomever (not talking about OP here) to kick Sony whilst its down. Anything bad relating to Sony seems to be hot topic at the moment.

I hope Im right but don't hate me if I'm wrong :D

Oh, and BTW before anyone calls me a Sony Fanboy, please check my sig. :hiya:
This is not workable at all IMO. All a bit sensational if you ask me and I can't see Sony doing this.


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If it wasn't Sony we were talking about I'd simply dismiss it and not worry about it at all.

However if you just look at sony's history of DRM, they flatly refused to allow mp3's on their daps untill recently, tying you to their own atrac format. The root kit fiasco.

I agree that Sony implementing this system is highly unlikely but they are obsessed with controlling their media and formats so it looks to me like simply a matter of time.:(


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Apologies for exhuming an old old thread, but is there any movement on this topic?

Its not something that looks to be on the horizon for the near future nearly 2 years since its discovery, so can we presume it will never happen?


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It was never anything to do with PS3 in the first place so no it wont happen.


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Sony have ****** everyone around with DRM.

Bluray is **** and unfinished because of it and the ******* around with different hdmi versions and bluray versions.

The ******** over the drm on sony discs and the regional encoding on bluray are all crap.

*Comments Removed*


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This is an old thread that shouldn't have been resurrected as it obviously does not apply to the PS3. I think the discussion has run it's course. Closing thread.
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