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Sony PS3 slim turning on with remote!


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I have recently got a PS3 slim after my phat died just as the network went down with YLOD.

Anyway, I did have a logitech playstation adaptor which I used to control the phat (with my Philips SRT9320), but unplugged it when it died, so I know it's not that controlling my slim.

I have turned the TV on the last couple of mornings and when I've turned on the Sky box, with the remote, my PS3 has switched on, and from time to time through the day when using the remote for Sky controls.

Now I thought that IR remotes couldn't control the PS, which is bluetooth, so how can this be happening? It confusing the hell out of me, and yes I've checked all the controllers and it's not a possibility of one accidentally being sat on etc)


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My Sony Bluray player will turn on when the TV HDMI is set to its input - the PS3 may have the same feature which can probably be turned off if required. So if you cycle through the TV inputs you can end up turning the Sony Bluray player on accidentally.


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That could be an answer. I have got the Sky and PS3 HDMI leads into a 3 port socket so there could be a 'surge' to the PS3. However, Sky was already on this morning and the PS3 hadn't switched on, when I powered up the amp, which is connected to PS3 via digital optical, the PS3 then powered up. I'll have another look through the settings on the PS3, but it's very confusing! I also find that with the slim, as opposed to my old phat, when I turn off the PS3, the TV doesn't automatically switch back to Sky. I've got a feeling that's to do with the 3 port socket still receiving some kind of latent signal from PS3. Not too much of a problem other than having to get up and press the input selector on the socket!


What is the three port socket? :confused:
Before I got my Harmony One I was relying on a Logic3 PS3 adapter to use my Marantz remote on the PS3.

The Logic3 only has a very limited number of commands and one of them is not the PS button so powering up the PS3 from the sofa seemed impossible until I discovered that by switching my Panasonic tv to the HDMI3 input where the PS3 is connected automatically switched the PS3 on which was very useful because it also meant that if the PS3 was sitting idle I could switch it off by putting the tv in standby.

The PS3 Slim has HDMI Control - the PS3 fat did not.
HDMI Control was very useful in making the tv auto switch to the correct HDMI input when you switch the PS3 on .

But with the Harmony One Activities this is not something that is too necessary as the remote will switch the tv to the right input anyway , so if you go onto the XMB of the PS3 you can switch off the HDMI Control and it won't do what its doing

SkyHD seems to find it hard to let go when connected in with anything else.
I would connect it to HDMI1 and connect something else in with the PS3 .
The SkyHD will likely take over regardless of which other device you connect it in with which is why its best left on its own.
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Sky receivers are very unreliable when used with HDMI switches. Some are fine, others useless.

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