Sony PS-X4 turntable help with speakers


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Sony PS-X4 turntable help with speakers


Apologies if this isn't in the right section, new here.
I recently found a Sony PS-X4 turntable in the attic of a house my parents moved into. I've sent it off to be serviced and overhauled (been advised its in very good condition) but in the mean time I need to establish my setup. Working on a bit of a budget for a few months but I'm too excited to wait. I've purchased a pre-amp for less than £100 to start me off but I was wondering if anyone could suggest some compatible speakers for a low-ish price? I understand the expense of the speakers comes down to quality but both the speakers and pre-amp will be upgraded in time, I just want to get it up and running for now. The turntable is just to used in my apartment for my own personal listening so the speakers don't need to be anything miraculous for a while.

Thanks in advance.

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Just in case you were not aware, you will need an integrated amplifier as well as a pair of speakers. Or alternatively a pair of active (amplified) speakers with a spare analogue input.


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What make/model is the preamp?

As @wine man says, if it is just a phono preamp all this does is turn the approx 3mV signal from the cartridge into approx 1V and applies a filter (RIAA google) to get it to a level that can be input into a line level input on an integrated amp e.g. cd, tuner, aux etc. The integrated amp then turns that into a signal big enough to drive the speakers which can be as much as 40V. Some integrated amps have half decent built in phono stages so this may not be necessary E.g. Rega Amps.

If you are open to second hand items then you can get a half decent amp and speakers for around £3-400.

Here’s an example -

Kef IQ3 speakers £165

Arcam A19 at £250 - this has a built in phono stage so you can compare it to the one you have bought and may find little difference so can return/sell it.


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